The Permaculture Society provides our members the ability to lodge a complaint with us because building strong and healthy relationships between parties involved in permaculture is part of our mission to serve as a meeting grounds and neutral space for people and organizations involved with permaculture.

The Permaculture Society takes all complaints lodged very seriously, and if the complaint seems serious enough, we will attempt to contact the person(s) and/or organization(s) about your complaint, in the hopes of opening a dialogue and offering mediation between you and the complainee(s).

We encourage all members and partners to attempt to reach a resolution with persons and organizations themselves before taking the action to lodge a complaint. However, if you have attempted to resolve the issue with the complainee(s), and you are not satisfied with the result, or the complainee(s) have not been willing to participate in trying to arrive at an acceptable resolution, you may use the form below to lodge a complaint.

If a member or partner of the Permaculture Society becomes the recipient of a serious complaint, and it is evident beyond a reasonable doubt to be true, their membership or partnership may be revoked. However, regardless of the nature of the complaint, or who might be involved, we will never post nor announce the details of a complaint in any public forum.

After you have reviewed the above details about the complaint process and its purpose, please use this form if you have a complaint to lodge against a permaculture teacher, a permaculture design certificate holder, an organization involved in permaculture, or one of our partners.

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