Our experts are certified in Permaculture Design, or Permaculture Teaching, and have volunteered to act as experts on behalf of the Permaculture Society.

If you have a certificate in Permaculture Design, Permaculture Teaching, a diploma, degree, or PHD in Permaculture, or have credentials in horticulture or another scientific field relating to permaculture, we happily invite you to join our growing team of experts that aim to help people all around the world to achieve great things with the advice that you could give. For more information, please visit our Become an Expert page.

Our experts are available to answer questions about creating permaculture designs, companion planting, establishing food forests, social permaculture, and to give advice related to permaculture.

Our experts and the Permaculture Society strive to provide the best possible and most correct information and answers to questions related to permaculture that we can. However, we can not, and therefor do not take any responsibility for financial, legal, health related, or other repercussions that arise due to the advice given or actions taken by the person(s) or organization(s) receiving the advice.

The Permaculture Society employs a rating system and other measuring standards to help track and improve the advice and answers given by our experts. We also utilize an assessment and assignment process in order to best select an expert to answer each question.

The Permaculture Society does not tolerate misconduct on the part of our experts, nor do we tolerate abuse or rudeness on the part of those asking for their advice. If you have asked for advice already and believe you have experienced misconduct or improper treatment from one of our experts and wish to make a complaint, please visit our Lodge a Complaint page.

If you have a question or advice to ask of our experts, please fill in the form below and we will attempt to match your request with one of our experts as soon as possible.

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